Breakfast For The King

This morning I had breakfast fit for a king.

Make that the King.

I topped a toasted Naturals Flax and Fiber Sandwich Thin with maple jelly, chunky peanut butter, and 4 slices of Lightlife Smart Bacon.

I had a Suspicious Mind, but in the end I Loved It Tender.  The Lightlife bacon wasn’t all that good – not much flavor and it was impossible to get into pieces! – but I’ve had great vegan bacon before so I blame the product, not the concept.  Even with the lackluster bacon though, this sandwich was a winner.  Sweet and salty is a dream team and peanut butter can pretty much go with anything.

On the side I had my first Cara Cara Orange of the season.

After clementines (which have no pith, no seeds, and are impossibly juicy) Cara Caras are my favorite kind of citrus.

And while my slacker side would like to sit here all day and tell you about my favorite stone fruit, and favorite vegetables that are actually fruit… my ration side knows that I’ve got to go study!

Have you ever tried vegan bacon?  Turkey bacon?  What’s your favorite variety?

One thought on “Breakfast For The King

  1. Bacon and Peanut Butter? No thanks! My favorite pork bacon is Cracked Peppercorn. I use to only eat turkey bacon but recently discovered the salt content is too high. Milk and peanut butter are made for each other and when there is a chocolate milk straw involved I’m there!

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