Breakfast, Preview, Lucky YOU

An Early Breakfast

I am so not prepared for today’s exam that breakfast felt more like ‘last meal,’ but it’s a long day and I want to be well-fueled.  I don’t tend to eat much cereal but it is quick and tasty fuel.

1 serving of Barbara’s Vanilla Almond Shredded Oats and 1/2 serving Special K Red Berries with a chopped plum (with plain Silk Almond Milk).

A Lunch Preview

After my exam I’ve got two meetings that will keep me on campus until at least 2:30, so I thought I’d show you my eats early rather than late.

Today’s lunch is a milder form of yesterday’s Monte Cristo.

Arnold’s WW Sandwich Thin, topped with Crofter’s Strawberry Spread, and 1.5oz Cabot 50% Reduced White Cheddar.

I am so jazzed about my sandwich combo that apparently it put me in a jam mood, because I also packed a 2% Fage with Strawberry.

Finally, a serving of Terra Exotic Harvest Sea Salt Chips.

I’m not gonna lie, I gobbled up at least a serving of these chips while I packed my lunch.  I should not have accepted this free sample because as soon as this bag runs out I’m going to blow my whole budget buying more!

This new variety has carrots, blue potatoes, and kabocha squash.  All the Terra chips are extra thick in a way that is so fabulous, and this bag is the perfect variety of salty yet sweet.  They let the veggies’ flavors shine through, but you definitely feel like you are eating chips.  I’m in love….

Lucky for You

….which is good news for you, because I’m doing a giveaway!

Terra heard my raving about the Blues variety and offered to let me share the love with my readers (you guys!).  5 lucky winners will receive a coupon for $$-off a bag of heaven Terra Chips.  To enter –

  1. Leave a comment on this post before noon on Friday (11/12).
  2. For a 2nd entry, link back to this post from your blog and leave another comment letting me know you’ve done so.
  3. For a 3rd entry, link back to this post from Twitter and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so.

And, just to be nice, you could wish me luck on my test today!  😉

28 thoughts on “Breakfast, Preview, Lucky YOU

  1. Good luck on your test! I don’t often eat cereal, either, but had some yesterday. Not great.

    I’ve never had kabocha squash–what better way to try it than in a bag of chips?

  2. I’ve never seen jam and cheese sandwich before — sounds and looks interesting!

    I love love love Terra chips, and I’m drooling over the new blend 🙂

    Good luck on your exam!

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