Pumpkin Powered

Happy Hump Day!  Sorry for bailing on you guys yet again, apparently I have not quite kicked my cold – I spent yesterday in another hours long afternoon nap!  On a similar note: I have not been to the gym in more than a week (and it’s killing me) so at this point I might as well wait until I am fully well; my back to sweat date is Friday.  I might try to sneak in some strength/stretching before then, but no walking home in sweaty gym clothes!

I had to get an immediate start on work today so I made myself a bowl of “power-up pumpkin” for breakfast.

I topped a 1/2cup of 0% Plain Oikos with 1/4cup canned pumpkin, a bit of homemade chocolate pb, and two small crumbled pumpkin butterscotch cookies.

The flavor combo was divine!  My favorite part is the awesome texture of cookie crumbles melting into the yogurt.  Plus, maybe it’s a mother’s love thing, but don’t even try to tell me this bowl isn’t still pretty once it’s stirred –

It’s like pumpkin tie dye!

I think it helped to power me up too; I took notes on the online lecture we had to watch and finished my Orgo Lab work for tonight.  Gotta get back to work!

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