This is Nuts! A Giveaway

I was all excited about lunch today and then there was some apartment living drama-rama that ate up all my lunch time!  We had to have our bathroom door replaced – don’t ask – and instead of a quick switch it ended up being a noisy 1.5hour ordeal.  I couldn’t get my school reading done, I couldn’t get into the kitchen, but I did have time to think about unethical journalism and the bigger blog drama of late (see this post from Meals & Miles for clarification).

I had a giveaway in the works already.  Sahale Snacks – who I’ve worked with before and have a minor food-crush on – sent me three of their new flavors to review.

They wanted to let me in on the celebration about their newest expansion – 

Last week, Valdosta and Sing Buri nut blends debuted at Seattle’s Best Coffee counters in convenient 2-ounce pouches — enough to share with a friend over coffee or to satisfy a morning and an afternoon snack craving.  

Sahale Snacks’ rich and peppery Valdosta Pecans pair especially well with Seattle’s Best Coffee winter beverages, like Vanilla Cinnamon Latte. The spicy and exotic Sing Buri Cashews make a lively accompaniment to tea, espresso, and brewed coffee drinks.

I’ll share my thoughts later, but we wanted to share the excitement with you guys in the form of a giveaway!

To win a prize package of Sahale Snacks all you have to do is the following –

  1. Leave a comment (see below) on this post by Thursday evening, October 7th.
  2. For a second entry, link back to this giveaway from your own blog.
  3. For a third entry, link back from Twitter.

What do I want you to comment about?  Please share one positive thing you have learned from the healthy living blog community!

One thing the healthy living blog community has taught me, is that pumpkin in yogurt is fantastic!

23 thoughts on “This is Nuts! A Giveaway

  1. Yum! I haven’t been able to find these here, but their flavors sound awesome!

    One thing I’ve learned is to be yourself – in everything you do. I don’t want to read 100 blogs that are exactly the same, so it’s important for ME to blog about what I want to blog about and not what someone else does, etc.

    And blog friends are awesome 🙂

  2. One positive thing I’ve learned is to enjoy exercise and to do something you like rather than force yourself to the gym if you don’t like it

  3. One thing I’ve learned is RECIPES galore! But on that same note, how to get vegetables into my diet without forcing myself to eat things that don’t taste yummy to me!

  4. I’ve learned so much about running through the blog community. I used to think I could get wear any pair of sneakers and just run, but I’ve gained so much beneficial information about what to wear and what (optional) equipment to help my running. I’ve come to enjoy running so much now 🙂

  5. I’m OUTRAGED at Marie Claire right now.
    You see, I crash dieted before I found Tina’s blog and then everyone elses’.
    I cant even BEGIN to tell you how much it has done for my self esteem to be able to actually not get out of breath whenever Im doing ANY form of exercise. I love the fact that I know there is backup if I ever feel like Im slipping. I love reading about your lives because it makes me think that my life isnt so abnormal afterall. I love all the new foods and types of exercises that I’ve found and it’s really rallied me on when i feel down.
    HEALTHY LIVING BLOGS ARE A MUST because they allow people to discover and rejuvenate themselves. My eating disorder, before I found hlb’s, was BAD. Now, I’m truly on the road to recovery. As a H.S. senior, it hasnt been easy, but man have HLB’s helped.

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  7. Could you believe that I haven’t tried any Sahale snacks? Crazy huh? 🙂

    I think the most important thing I’ve learned from the healthy living community is to be just as kind to myself as I am to others. That kindness can take many forms – whether its skipping a workout because you just don’t have it in you or eating that piece of cake because your mom made it and its delicious. It has been very powerful for me. 🙂

  8. I am so angry about that article. As a reader of the ‘Big Six’ I found it extremely unprofessional and biased. The author sounded very jealous of them imo.
    Anyway, one of the MANY wonderful things I have learned is about Green Monsters…my favorite is still the recipe I found right here! Sometimes I switch it up and use almond milk instead of OJ.

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