Noteworthy Nibbles

Most of today was spent at the nearby amusement park, Darien Lake.  We had a fabulous time (and season passes, so we’ll be back soon!) but it was raining when we left so I didn’t bring my camera.  Since I don’t have pictures of everything I’m going to take a page from Cait’s plate book and just do the highlights.

(1) Breakfast = Van’s Homestyle Pancakes with homemade Banana Roux and a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar.

The pancakes were good, but the Banana Roux might just  be my most genius idea of all time.  You can click the title for the recipe page, but this batch used Smart Balance Light and Silk Almond Milk.

Note – yesterday’s Berry Breakfast Topper has its own recipe page as well.

(2) Dessert, homemade milkless milkshake.

Genius + more genius = holy frick this is amazing!  I took Diana’s maple slushie idea and made it into a milkshake.  Into my blender went 1serving silken tofu, half a tray of ice-cubes, 1cup So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk, and 1/3cup maple syrup.


What were some of the highlights from your weekend?

7 thoughts on “Noteworthy Nibbles

  1. noteworthy nibbles!!! awesome!!! love when food is good enough to praise a little bit huh 🙂

    love love love the smoothie idea!! i can almost taste the hints of the maple syrup 😛

  2. oh my! I just found your blog, and based on BANANA ROUX alone I’ve added you to my daily reading. Mmm, that sounds amazing. I may have to make this for lunch…

    That maple shake sounds great too. Second Lunch. or Lunch Dessert. 🙂

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