The Change You Won’t See

Good morning!  The movie wasn’t as good as anticipated (it was much sweeter than we were expecting but not as funny) but I loved my Halloween Dots.  I also snagged half of Adam’s small popcorn and drank a huge diet coke.  I think my favorite part of the entire experience was the soda! 

Unless I don’t post at all for the day, I show you pretty much every single bite I put in my mouth.  I know some bloggers have a bar here or there that they don’t post but that’s not my style.  The only things I don’t show are –

  1. if I take a bite or two of the husband’s food
  2. vitamins – I take Flinestones Gummy Vites (shut up) 4-7 days a week
  3. non-caloric drinks; water and diet sodas

Previously I was having at least 1 (sometimes many many many more) diet sodas a day.  I realize that many people think diet soda is unhealthy, but I do most things healthy and it makes me deliriously happy which I think is a good trade-off.  I’ve thought about “quitting” diet soda over the years, and I’ve always decided that my happiness is a big part of my health too and therefore, for me, the diet soda is healthy.

However, as you know, I don’t have a job.  And in this economy (especially in Buffalo) I could not have a job for a while.  I’ve always been a big saver, so we actually are fine living off our savings and Adam’s loans for the next year, but we do have to be more careful with our money.  We made a budget last weekend and I decided that ultimately, it’s not worth the money to pay to have diet coke in the house.  So now I have to really really enjoy it when I buy one when I’m out 🙂


Today is another busy day.  I have some fun things I want to do this afternoon, but I’ve got to get all of my not so fun stuff out of the way first.  I have Chemistry work,  a quick trip to the gym, and today we finally need to switch out our closets for our winter duds.  For breakfast I had 1/2C whipped cottage cheese with 4oz fresh cut pineapple.


I’ll see you for lunch.

What is your take on diet sodas?  Do you have a favorite?  Mine is Diet Cherry Coke.

3 thoughts on “The Change You Won’t See

  1. Love pineapple and cottage cheese. A favorite in my book.

    I used to drink a lot of diet coke, and I still love it, however, I pretty much gave it up because drinking pop makes me COLD! Like crazy, can’t-feel-my-hands cold. I have enough trouble with that issue as it is, so I steer clear unless it is a really, really hot day.

  2. I gave up diet soda a few years ago and feel a lot better — but I had ZERO control and would down tons of it while studying/to curb snacking . . . I feel a lot better without it. But know many people who indulge responsibly 🙂

    my fave was always diet dr. pepper!

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