Bye, Brooklyn Bloggers

Our mini-meet-up was a success; good food and great company!  Diana, Vani, Sarah, and I met up at Organic Heights, a vegan spot near the Bergen stop.


It was a cute little restaurant although the menu was also pretty little.  I am a Reuben (turkey Reubens only) fanatic so when I saw tempeh Reuben my order was obvious.


I ate none of the salad and 95% of the sandwich.  It was de-lish-ous!  The bread was sourdough, which is always fantastic, and they got the tempeh chewy and wonderful in a way I never could.

To drink (my third bought drink of the day, I think I went a little over calorie/$ budget in liquids today) I got a Vita Coco.


It was great getting to spend a final bit of time with that group of girls.  I have met some really wonderful people through this experience.  We sat after dinner and had a big chatfest which is exactly what I needed this stressful week.

Diana was a sweetheart and brought us all homemade, vegan, chocolate chip cookie/brownie bars.



They were delicious.  They did not deter me, however, from getting suckered into Haagen Dazs which is across the street from where Adam and I had to go after dinner to deposit a birthday check from my grandma.  I got a mint chip dazzler.  I couldn’t take a picture due to drippage but think of the biggest sundae acceptable for a grown woman to eat and multiply it by 3!  I threw away half of it and it was still a ridiculous serving.

On a similar note, I think the thing I am most excited about in the move is shaking up my routines.  This year (and the last month especially due to move circumstances) we have done so little cooking.  I really do love my time in a kitchen.  When people play the ‘if you won the lottery….’ game with me the very first thing that pops into my head is culinary school.

Our exercise schedule, or lack thereof, could also use a good shaking.  I am 24, the amount of stiffness and lack of energy I currently have is unacceptable to me.  Even if I hadn’t recently discovered that I’m 10+lbs over where I want to be, I don’t like the way I feel.  Aside from long-term health benefits and looking good I like to be active because I enjoy the way I feel in my body when it is in shape.  The CPR instructor yesterday did a quick heart health speech and he made a very good point – this is the only body you have.

So now I’m going to try to take my only body and actually get it in bed a reasonable time!  Peace y’all.

What do you need to shake up?

P.S.  Who doesn’t want Chiobani????

8 thoughts on “Bye, Brooklyn Bloggers

  1. that restaurant is cute and the food looks great! hope you get some beauty rest–i need to get some of my own.. why am i still up?! haha happy tuesday!!

  2. Hey babe! Thanks for the link!

    That sandwich look so yummy!!

    Sad fact: I’ve lived in NYC for almost a year now and I’ve never been to Brooklyn! (I did walk the bridge the other day though!)haha I need to venture out more

    • jocelyn – you must must must come visit the b bourough! As much as I adore Manhattan I think Park Slope/Cobble Hill/Williamsburg are some of the best parts about NY. If nothing else, go visit barcade in Williamsburg 🙂

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