Reader Dump; Peek Into My Brain

As I recently mentioned, I had to transfer over to Feedly for all of my blog following needs.  When I went to do the switch, I discovered a million and one things in my Google Reader’s “save for later” folder.  I figured it could be fun to share some of those saved things with you guys.  Think of it as another way to see what makes me tick.  So as not to overwhelm the post with pictures, I’m making this a three-part series.  (1) Things I Think Are Hilarious, (2) Things I Think Are Adorable, and (3) Things That Relate to the Husband.

Here we go!

turtle slap


rebel dog


every night


being a champion


calm them


socially awkward


throw my hands up


These things all literally make me laugh until I choke!  Which was your favorite?

P.S. I can’t embed a gif, but this makes Adam and I crack up.

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