Loves of Late, Internet Edition

Here’s what I’m loving lately on the interwebs!  All things are new to me, because I totally needed more ways to spend time on the internet.

1. My new cell phone.

cell phone

You might think that technically this doesn’t fit into the internet edition, but I use my phone 20% for phone things and 80% for internet things.  I really loved my old phone (an HTC Evo) so making the switch was painful but I finally had to because my battery couldn’t make it through the day.  My new, purple phone has great battery life and the huge screen is awesome for scrolling through Buzzfeed.  Plus I love how well it works with the app for my next love…

2. Feedly.


I was one of those people who thought that the world would end when Google Reader did but amazingly Feedly has managed to fill the void.  There is a “save for later” feature and transferring my follow list from Google Reader was easy as pie.  I love how easy it is to scroll through the app on my cell phone.

3. All seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch are available on Hulu Plus.

sabrina the teenage witch

Oh jeez guys; I learned that STW was available for instant streaming and the rest of my summer free-time just evaporated.  If you haven’t been (re)watching you totally should start; the show very too funny and smart.  Melissa Joan Hart is even better as a witch then she was as Clarissa.  The first few seasons are fabulously 1990’s.

4. GrubHub.

grub hub

I mentioned that we had some terrible take-out recently, but I loved the awesome way that we ordered the awful food.  GrubHub puts all of the delivery and/or pick-up options available to your address into a nice list for you and streamlines the ordering and payment process.  And every three orders they give you a chance to win free things in their Yummy Rummy game.

Which reader did you switch to on July 1st?

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