Ohio Surprise!

The past weekend I drove to Ohio to pay my mom and grandmother a surprise visit.  Adam was actually already with them hanging out but we weren’t sure about my work schedule so I didn’t want to tell them any plans.  The timing worked out at the last-minute and I showed up in the parking lot one night after dinner and scared the crap out of them.  {Surprise!}  It was great to get some family time.

I didn’t manage to snap many pictures, but we did have a fun weekend.

We went to Sonic and a giant strawberry diet coke rocked my face off.



We checked out the sign that was dedicated to my grandpa who passed away last year.


That field is named after him!


And of course we made time for a trip to Trader Joe’s.


I picked up some tasty stuff that I plan on blogging about soon.

P.S. After family time, Adam drove to meet up with friends for a Tough Mudder challenge.  He is officially a bad ass.

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