Blog – Updated

Thanksgiving – Pathetic

Our flight landed at 7:30 pm on Turkey Day and while we were thankful for our dinner it wasn’t exactly traditional.  Every single food establishment we called was closed… except for 7-11.  So Adam and I split a bag of chips for Thanksgiving dinner.

Work – Exhausting

I’ve worked in retail on and off since I was 15 years old but Black Friday at my current job was nothing like I’d ever seen.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were so exhausting that it’s possible I had a complete breakdown in Wegman’s last night and started weeping in front of the lottery machines because Adam wouldn’t buy me the scratch card with the little bear on the front.  It was not a proud moment.

Vegan Challenge – Cancelled

Friday evening, this series of texts was sent –

Yep, I called it quits on the Vegan Challenge a week early.  My heart has not been in it for most of November (my friend and I have been making jokes about how we’d have to try again in February since the first week) and by Friday night I just really didn’t want to do it.  I think going on multiple trips out-of-town this month made it too hard to go all in; since I’m not actually vegan it would be stupid to skip culinary traveling in Philly and Atlanta and since I was cheating so often it was hard to stay motivated.

Failed vs. Failure – Thoughts

Even though I failed at the challenge, I wouldn’t call the challenge a failure.  I reminded myself that I won’t actually die if I don’t eat buffalo chicken pizza every time I’m hungry.  I remembered all of the tasty meals that don’t involve cheese.  I recommitted myself to, whenever possible, only eating meat that is humanely sourced.  And I really am excited for February!

Life – Good

I feel like this post ended up sounding whiney, but that wasn’t my intention.  I’m actually quite happy.  Balancing an increased work schedule with my upcoming finals will be tricky, but I like staying busy.  The weather is getting frightful, but I’m thrilled about eggnog and cocoa.  We don’t get to see any family for Christmas this year, but I’m excited to carve out some holiday traditions of our own with Adam and Webster.  Life is good.

Have you ever “failed” at a challenge?  When was the last time you decided to quit something before it was over?

7 thoughts on “Blog – Updated

  1. Well now I want Buffalo chicken pizza lol. I challenged myself to run 100 miles before my birthday, but I’m probably going to fail (I have five weeks to go, which sounds like it would be plenty, but I have finals and it’s cold and dark by the time I get out of school.

  2. Don’t feel bad about it – vegan is hard! I would never be able to do it! I actually tried to be vegetarian for a week and I failed after three days and a couple of drinks LOL
    Did it snow in Buffalo a lot last weekend??

  3. Hey Wax! You’re entitled to be a teeny bit whiney-u were in Hotlanta and came back to crummy old Buffalo. Then you got trapped in Wegmans with people who forgot there are other people in the universe. Am I right? Don’t be so hard on yourself! I was afraid to admit that I quit the vegan challenge 5 days in. HaHa! How other people can do it is beyond me. More power to ’em. You can always vent here on your blog. I like to hear I am not alone.

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