I Hate Being A Grown Up

Hello there!  I didn’t bring a computer to the Outer Banks so I tried to set up a few posts before I left.  Today I’m going to complain…

Do you know about Jenna Marbles yet?  This part isn’t the complaint, I adore Jenna Marbles; her “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” video is still one of the funniest things I’ve seen on YouTube.  Recently she posted a funny video about all of the things she hates about being a grown up.  Warning – grown up language ahead.

I agree!  I think everyone hates those things.  The video got me thinking about what else I hate about “being a grown up.”  <– I’m not quite sure I’m there yet!

The # 1 thing I dislike about being an adult is having to worry about money.  Adam and I are ridiculously fortunate that a combination of savings and several loans allows us to live very comfortably, but I still worry about money all of the time.  I know that I’m incredibly lucky and can more than afford everything I need, but sometimes I do think about the things that I want.  Making adult decisions about money can suck.

Here are some ways I’m grown up about $ –

  • I held a part-time job throughout all of high school and college and I put most of my tips/pay checks into savings.
  • We’ve never skimped on health/car/apartment insurance.
  • I set up dermatologist and gynecologist appointments for this summer instead of a pedicure or manicure.
  • I haven’t bought makeup in years (my mom keeps me in lip gloss and mascara via my Christmas stocking) but I do wear good quality, high spf face lotion.

Here are some ways I’m not at all grown up about $ –

  • We have basically emptied our savings.  That includes the money in the savings account I’ve had since I was 10 that I always imagined myself doing something very exciting with.
  • I haven’t had a job (not including my short stints of tele-fundraising) in 3 years.
  • We don’t have retirement funds.
  • Even though we clearly can’t afford it, all I can think about some days is getting Webster a Miriam (aka a tan, girl Frenchie).

I am very thankful for the lifestyle I currently have, but I do think about the things I’ll buy when I have more money (foundation!  makeup brushes!  clothing from J.Crew!).  A lot of what I say to Adam starts with “when you’re a doctor…”

Please note – this post is very tongue in check; I do know how lucky I am!

What are some of the ways that you are grown up (or not so grown up) about money?

2 thoughts on “I Hate Being A Grown Up

  1. Remember your allowance, Em? It always went up on your birthday. When you were little you got half your age. Eventually you got your age in allowance, and then 1 1/2 times your age. Can’t remember if it was ever twice your age (surely not!). You always kept a “savings” purse and a “spending” purse. You were never a gimme-gimme girl and you’re still not! I admire you!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the money thing. I like being a grown up, and although the things Jenna talks about in her video are annoying, they’re things I have always done, even as a kid. That what happens when you are a daughter of a single mom. The part that sucks is all the bills. As you know, I used to be a spender, not a saver, and I am paying for it (literally) now. Even though I have changed my ways, the financial decisions of my very early adult years are going to take years to recover from. Sometimes I want to just run away from all my financial responsibility.

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