Fifty Shades of Loves Of Late

Yesterday I complained about money, today let’s talk about some of the things I’m loving lately.

Here are some of my past loves.

#1 – The dog

I’m sure at this point in the vacation I’ve said “I miss the dog” no less than 536,354,993,005 times!  Not gonna lie, it’s possible that I cried when we dropped him off for boarding.

#2 – “The New Adventures of Old Christine”

I realize that this show has already been aired and canceled, but I just discovered it.  Lifetime has four episodes online at a time and they are worth checking out.  Elaine (she’ll always be Elaine!) has such great comedic timing.

#3 – This video of grandmas discussing Fifty Shades of GreyWarning – dirty.  Dirty, dirty, dirty.

I’ve never actually read the book, but I skimmed it and that was enough.  More than enough.  A friend and I read through it in a book store a few weeks ago and after five minutes we both felt like we needed a shower (it’s worth noting here that I’m a super fast reader and can actually cover a lot of literary ground in five minutes).

Nevermind the concerning relationship dynamic between the main characters and the fact modern women’s obsession with it is basically setting feminism back to before we got the vote.  Nevermind the stilted writing, grammatical errors, overall lack of editing, and weird repetition of the word “blushed.”  Nevermind the fact that the main character said “my behind” repeatedly during what would have been a wild sex scene (then the term “fur glove” was used a few pages later and interestingly it was not a euphemism for vagina).  My main issue with the book is that the poor wording leads to a sexy time scene that described acts that were physically impossible.

But the video is hilarious.

Did you read Fifty Shades of Grey?  What’d you think??

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