Window Shopping Wednesday

I am not much of a shopper, much to my mother’s chagrin. The woman can spend days at the mall, while I start to feel itchy after just a few hours. It’s not that I’m not materialistic, I totally am, it’s just that the thought of adding more stuff to my life makes it hard to breathe. But I like the idea of things. So I’m an avid window shopper. I browse catalogs I’ll never buy from and hold my breathe when I pass the window at J.Crew. So while I’m stuck at school on Wednesdays, I thought we could have some fun via blog. Let’s window shop!

Here’s what I’m pining for this week –

1.  OPI Nail Lacquer in My Pointe Exactly.

I am I more or less girly seeming if I decide grey’s my new favorite color?  This sheer grey polish would look nice with pink ruffles or black leather (not that I wear much of either!).  The color is part of OPI’s New York City Ballet line and I’m basically coveting the entire thing.

2.  The Spicy Bloody Mary Mix from McClure’s Pickles.

The bloody mary is hands down my favorite boozy beverage.  But in spite of my adoration I’ve never made one at home.  I like them extra spicy and I’m not confident that I would get the blend of flavors right on my own.  Other mixes seem tame and tomato juicy but this one looks like it would be interesting.

3.  The Crissy Bra Top from Prana.

I highly doubt that this would support my girls on a run, but it could be a cute yoga bra.  Is criss-cross the new ruching?

4.  The flower candles from Elenis.

Pause a second and reconnect with your inner nerd.  Ready?  How cute would these look on a Super Mario cake?!??

5.  The Mojito Soap Set from Malin and Goetz.

If Bloody Marys are my favorite drink then Mojitos are a close second.  The rum-mint-lime combo is perfection and those are the exact flavors in this soap set.

What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

2 thoughts on “Window Shopping Wednesday

  1. I really think I wanna be the kind of person that likes bloody marys. But at the same time, if I’m ever out at brunch, I always end up gorging on Mimosas because I am CERTAIN I like those. Perhaps it’s time to branch out. I just don’t wanna get my heart broken….

    • I can see how breakfast feels like a big comittment, you need to try one with dinner or lunch sometime. That’s part of what I like about them too – they’re good all day long.

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