That Which Shall Not Be Blogged

Blogging lunch is hard because of not blogging yesterday.  Blogging breakfast was impossible because I slept through it, but that’s another story!

I did eat lunch though, and it requires that I go back to what I did 24 hours ago.  Which was go on a date to the Spot with Adam to get a Funghi Pizza before work.

Mozzarella cheese with an assortment of roasted and fresh mushrooms finished with extra virgin truffle oil drizzle.

I ate the leftovers today for lunch.

Delicious, especially when I dipped the crusts in my Cherry Coke Zero.

Yesterday before work I also did some baking,  Jenna’s sunflower butter cookies.

I forgot to flatten the first trays with a fork before baking (what? I’ve never made peanut butter cookies before!) and the cookie balls that resulted were nice and doughy on the inside.

I ate two small ones for dessert with lunch today.

Also good with Cherry Coke Zero!

I realize that this was a lame quick post, but I’ve gotta say that I’m enjoying blogging again after my short break.  I really enjoy being a (mostly)-three-meals-a-day blogger, rather than a once in a while poster.

Bloggers – what percentage of your meals do you blog?  Readers – do you prefer all-of-the-time bloggers, or once that post just snippets.

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