Why The Heck Not?

Good morning!  I know I don’t usually blog weekend mornings, but I was up so I figured why the heck not?

I also usually don’t eat breakfast on the weekends, but I had to get out of bed at 7:30 to make Adam a smoothie so why the heck not?

I’ve never made buttermilk pancakes before (I doubt I’ve ever eaten them either), but there was a half used container of buttermilk in our fridge that was speaking to me.  Buttermilk as a muse, why the heck not?

I used this recipe for buttermilk pancakes, and topped mine with banana slices and chia seeds before the flip (why the heck not?).

It took me a while to get the hang of the flipping, and I ended up with one of Kath’s pancake tacos

It was actually delicious.  P.S. My serving today was also topped with a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of extra chia seeds, why the heck not?

AllRecipes lets you scale the recipes (amazing!) so I could have just made one serving but instead I made four, why the heck not?

I’ve got them individually wrapped – use wax paper to separate the individual pancakes within the serving – so they can be easily reheated for breakfasts throughout the week.

We’ve got a busy day around here, Adam has a clincal test this morning (hence the 7am smoothie) and we have to prep for the poker party he’s hosting here tonight.

“Honey, it’s my turn to host the poker game this weekend.  You can’t come, it’s just boys, but can you make the food for us please?  Oh, and baby, all the other wives made really good food, so please don’t make anything that sucks.”  Why the heck not?

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