Be A Good Friend, To The Gym

To talk about today, let me go back to the beginning – yesterday.  Be forwarned though, this is a long(ish) post.

  • I did not meet my 10pm bedtime goal yesterday (boo) 
  • because I stayed up and had Adam re-teach me the functions of the atria and ventricles (yay)
  • which meant we overslept this morning and I didn’t have time for breakfast (boo)
  • but which also means that I have smoothie ingredients set up for tomorrow (yay)

Ok, enough of that, boo. (yay?)

I didn’t have my exciting breakfast, but thankfully I did have a baggie of dried hibiscus, Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans, and some Kashi H2H.

I also bought a coffee from a stand in the science building.

That coffee had two mini creamers and two sugar packets in it.  Guess how fresh and tasty that coffee was?

Burnt or not, the coffee did fuel me through my final Anatomy practical.  It didn’t go very well, but I’m done with the semester, and that’s a good thing.

I also had part of a group project in Food Lab today.  Our main assignment for this nutrition class was a cultural meal project.  We had to choose a culture; write a written report about its history, food staples, common meals, etc; cook a traditional meal for our lab; and do a presentation.  The presentation is my last day of finals and the meal was today!

My group chose the Virgin Islands (where I’m from!).  We prepared dumb bread (made with shredded coconut) with callaloo (stew with pumpkin, spinach, and coconut milk), pates (fried dough stuffed with spiced meat), and key lime pie.

I couldn’t actually taste everything we made (the pates were beef) but I think everything turned out delicious!

The rest of the lab – Puerto Rico, Mexico, Poland, and Greece – made tasty offerings as well.

Here’s my plate, and my dessert plate.  With a glass of punch my instructor made to celebrate our last day.

Everything was soooo filling, I couldn’t actually finish either of those plates.  I ended up taking so much food home that Adam actually had to come to campus with the car to pick it up!

Guys, I can’t even tell you how much I wanted to get in that car!  It was 20* out, I’d been on my feet for hours… But I’d made a date with the treadmill, and I couldn’t break it!  Sidenote – people always talk about how you need to ‘be a friend to yourself’ to be healthy.  That’s nice and all, but I think you need to be a good friend to the gym (Jim) –

  1. Never bail on plans with him at the last minute.
  2. Always bring a stiff drink!  (H2O)
  3. Don’t let your mind wander too much when you’re together.
  4. Have fun together.

I was a good friend today 🙂  I wanted to do a longer (time/distance) run today so I decided to do some intervals:

  • 1 minute walking, 2 minutes running, 1 walking, 3 running, 1 walking, 5 running

I repeated that circuit x3, then follow it up with a 6 minute cool down walk.  45 minutes, 4.11 miles.  And I talked to my parents on the walk home, so the cold didn’t feel that bad.

Can you believe I’m not even done posting for the day?  I still have to eat dinner!

What would you add to my list?  How are you a good friend to the gym?

4 thoughts on “Be A Good Friend, To The Gym

  1. I love the idea of thinking of the gym as a friend. I am really good at keeping plans I make with friends, so if I think that way, maybe I’ll be better about getting to the gym!

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