Just Like Jamba

We got into bed after 1 a.m. last night so this morning was a little painful. Luckily I knew just the thing to get us through.

When we were in undergrad at UMiami, Adam and I developed a Jamba Juice obsession. I grew up on an island, we had rum huts, not smoothie shops! I poured through websites about the “underground” flavors (white gummi bear anyone?) and knew the calorie counts for my five favorite orders by heart, but my favorite were the holiday offerings.

Pumpkin was pretty good (my Pumpkin Pie Through a Straw is better though), but December was where it’s at. One year there was a mint strawberry smoothie that rocked my world and then disappeared forever. I know the combo sounds a little funky, but it’s magical. I check the website every holiday season but I’ve yet to see its return.

So when this West Soy Chocolate Peppermint Soy Beverage popped up on my grocery shelves (I actually bought this in October, but that’s another story) I had a delicious idea.

Mint chocolate strawberry smoothies.

For two (Adam loved his as well) I blended 2cups frozen strawberries, 2 cups chocolate peppermint soy milk and 1 vanilla Chobani.

A little sweet, healthy, and a lot magical.

During class I smacked on 2 servings of Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans,

and whilst cramming studying I also had a Cliff Spiced Pumpkin Pie bar.

A lunch with the perfect amount of fun and siety to get my through to my anatomy exam.

I also took my notecards on a trip to the gym.  I needed to be able to read the entire time, so I kept my workout low-impact but lengthy.

  • 35minutes on the elliptical, level 4
  • 25minutes on the treadmill, walking on an incline

I had a shocking amount of focus; I think the gym will have to be my new study spot for finals!

Then I took my Anatomy exam (ok, but not as good as I hoped), met with my Orgo teacher about my failing exam, and walked home in the cold. 

It’s time for a (much needed) shower and some (much needed) fun!

Do you live near a Jamba Juice?  What’s your favorite order?

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