Fish = Brain Food

I’m not even going to talk about the work situation, just yuck.  But the food situation?  Fabulous!

Remember when I discussed how lovely today’s breakfast and lunch were?  Well dinner could hold her own.  (IRL at least, geez my photo lighting is el terrible!)


Roasted asparagus with lemon and evoo,

roasted edamame,

and my newest salmon patty recipe; Shallotta Salmon Burgers.

My parents bought us canned salmon at TJ’s last week and I think we put it to very good use.

We didn’t finish dinner until after 10:30 but somehow I talked myself into getting down on my yoga mat when I was done.  20minutes of stretching and strength training moves and I’d gotten in a workout for the day.  Something is better than nothing, and for how out of shape I am it wasn’t even a small something!

Tomorrow needs to be an early morning; think smart thoughts for me!

What is your favorite type of burgers?  Mine are turkey burgers, followed closely by salmon burgers.

11 thoughts on “Fish = Brain Food

  1. I have not tried ANY of these cool burgers!!! But it needs to change… when I move back to America 🙂 I actually tried to order an Ostrich burger in Cape Town last week, because it is supposed to be good and even very healthy (comparably)… its called the “health burger” at many restaurants! But alas, they were out of ostrich. Next time…

  2. What brand of canned salmon do you use? My boyfriend and I bought canned salmon when we were in Hawaii to take on a mountain hike and it was terrible… I ended up hiking all day without lunch. Maybe I should give it another try…

    • I can’t remember the usual brand, but it was Chicken of the Sea or something like that. The ones we used last night were Trader Joe’s brand which was wonderful if you live near a TJ’s. I think the biggest thing is to make sure you buy a boneless, skinless variety.

  3. You just reminded me that I really needed to stretch. Thanks!

    I love turkey burgers, but I also love hamburgers stuffed with cheese.

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