Vegan Challenge Recap

Howdy, again!  Thank you for being patient with all these blogging-free days.  My online class has been as hard (if not harder!) as I was expecting.  The fact that I’m in catch-up mode (I had to print out all the hand outs, write up my profile, etc) is definitely adding to the stress though; once I’m on top of things this weekend everything will run more smoothly.  I actually have my first exam today, so no food post now, but I wanted to do a Vegan Challenge Recap.

Overall, the last month was very satisfying.  I will straight up admit that yesterday (June 30th) dinner was a big cheesy plate of jalapeno nachos!  Amazingly, it was the first time all month I even wanted anything that wasn’t vegan.  I had several people ask me over the course of  month what foods I was missing, and the honest answer was nothing.  Vegan foods can be easy, tasty, and satisfying.

Will I be permanently changing my eating style then?  No.  I still believe the things I said in my Challenge Introduction Post

  • Eating many vegan meals each week contributes to a healthy diet.
  • Vegan cooking and baking can be fun and satisfying.
  • Veganism is kind to our planet and can be a great way to conserve energy.
  • The current industrialized dairy and meat industries are immoral (even though in theory consuming meat and dairy is not) and the best way to vote is with my wallet.

But I also believe these things as well –

  • I personally feel healthier when I am eating some animal products (especially Greek yogurt, eggs, and lean fowl).
  • Going out to dinner is a lot easier and more enjoyable, especially in Buffalo, when your diet is less restricted.
  • I enjoy foods like eggs and Greek yogurt.  And even though I didn’t really miss them during June, I don’t want to cut them out of my life forever. 
  • I don’t drink a lot of cow’s milk, but soy milk in iced coffee just isn’t the same.
  • We are going to be broke as hell next year and not using my year’s worth of free eggs just isn’t an option.

 For all my ‘traditional’ readers – have you ever done a vegan challenge?  What were your final impressions?

13 thoughts on “Vegan Challenge Recap

  1. Great recap! I’m glad to read your thoughts on it, too.

    I will say – the only thing I REALLY missed was eggs! I had some for lunch 🙂

  2. It was great to read your thoughts about your Vegan Month. I don’t think I would be up for a Vegan Challenge, but have been thinking about Vegetarian Month. Meat plays a bit too big role in my diet at the moment and I really should try to have a month without 🙂

  3. Great job!! I once went a week being vegan…not a substantial amount of time really, but my body feels really good when I eat lean meat. I have pretty much stopped eating dairy (it’s been about a month…) but that – again – is just based on how I feel. That’s what is the most important to me!!

  4. I want to do the vegan challenge. What a great idea. I’ve been meaning to try out some vegan recipes anyway, so I can prepare food for all diets at my parities!

  5. I’ve been following GreenDogWine on her Vegan challenge, and I had to check out your recap as well which was a great summary!

    I did a Vegan challenge of my own in January 2009. It was for 2 weeks, and I probably could have kept going longer, but I was missing dairy. Overall it wasn’t bad though, but it definitely took a lot of thought and planning.

  6. Very interesting thoughts.

    I just started my own vegan challenge today! I was inspired by you and Brandi. It’s going to be challenging, that’s for sure. I already called Dentyne to see if my gum is vegan…thankfully it is or I might have quit on the spot. 🙂

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  8. “The current industrialized dairy and meat industries are immoral (even though in theory consuming meat and dairy is not) and the best way to vote is with my wallet”

    And yet you still continue to support them encourage the abuse by buying your Greek yogurt, eggs, and lean fowl. Ok then. :\ How on earth can you say it’s not immoral?!

    • Sean, perhaps YOUR husband is a doctor, but my husband and I are both students. Unfortunately our budget (and where we live) means we can’t afford to raise our own cows and chickens or buy directly from a farm. That said, I make an effort to purchase dairy/meat products that I know have come from responsible sources. I believe that if the animals are raised humanely there is not (for us at least) an ethical issue in consuming them. I research the companies I buy from and 90% of what we eat comes from places I feel good about.

  9. I’m young and i live on a strict vegan diet. Also, i’ve limited myself to eat only whole foods, i’m trying to lay off all tofu and soy and other processed foods. Also, i stay away from all hydrogenated ingredients, access salt and sugar and white bread/grains. I feel great! I think everyone should atleast try being vegan for a month and seee what happens. Just after a few days of being vegan, i had already lost some weight and i feel 10x better than i’ve ever felt in my entire life! Also, my family has saved some money from eating a vegan diet 🙂 Good for us, the planet and our wallets!! ❤

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