Lunch Break

I’m making pretty good progress on my to-dos.  After the post office I got to Starbucks at 10:30 and studied until 12:30.  I drank a Grande Iced Americano with bit of skim milk while I worked.


I decided to split my study session into two because I got distracted by a phone call from my mommy and my coffee was making me pretty jittery.

We decided that lunch out should be forgone in favor of using fridge food because we are packing our kitchen/dishes up tomorrow and that will be the end of that.  I managed to make a pretty exciting meal at home though.



This spicetastic sandwich is –

  • 2 slices toasted white (cheap) bread
  • 2 TJ’s Spicy Jalopeno Chicken Sausages
  • 1slice provolone cheese
  • smidge Stonewall Kitchen Hot Pepper Peach Preserves

This was hands down the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten!  I think it was the hot pepper peach, which I adore.  On the side I had a chocolate Amazing Grass packet with skim milk.


I need to get back to business – I have some things to do online and then I’m heading to Starbucks for another 2 hours of studying.  Adam is meeting me around 6 for some fun this evening though!

What is your opinion on spice?  I say the more the better!  I don’t like the chemical taste of Chinese hot sauce but beyond that bring it on.  Jalopenos, chillis, red pepper flakes, buffalo sauce, are all good in my book.

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