Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Hi again, Merry Monday everyone!  Post-post (that prefix use made me smile) I spent the morning helping Adam fill out some scholarship applications.  I also took care of some general business around the house room.  The thing I am most looking forward to in the move is having more than one room; sleeping, eating, and working in the same place end up making the work space feel hard to work in and the sleep space hard to sleep in.

I also did 10minutes of strength training.  I’ve decided to do Caitlin and Kath‘s 10minute challenge, so I’ll be doing (at minimum) 10minutes of strength training every day.  The fact that this 10minute set (click the link to their sites to see it) made me sweat is all the more incentive to turn it into a routine.

After my shower we rounded up some coupons and headed to the grocery store.


Between keeping the coupons Key Foods prints at the register, getting offers through the blog, and tearing coupons from magazines, we have saved some good $ this year.  One of the hardest things about next year will be working part time (and right now I don’t even know where I will be able to find a job) and living on Adam’s med school loans, there will be a big lack of cash flow.  We have already begun to budget though, we made a list of all of our monthly expenses, though right now we can only estimate some of them.  For now, the plan is to have $200 a week (that’s $100 a piece) for food and fun.  Monthly expenses like rent, internet, etc will be paid by credit card (we always pay on time and I like the miles) and things like textbooks and prescription drugs will not be taken out of our weekly cash.  But everything else – groceries, movies, magazines – will have to come out of that $200.  Parts of it sound rough but I am looking forward to the challenge.  I will acknowledge that both of our families have very generously offered to help us with some expenses, I’m not going to begin to pretend that I know what it’s like to be a family that actually struggles.  What does your family do to budget?

After the grocery I went all fancy and utilized my Easy Mac for lunch.


I went *extra fancy* and added 2 chopped hotdogs to it.


Check out the impressive nutritional stats on these TJ’s Spicy Jalopeno Chicken Sausages:


Together they made a tasty treat.


I was feeling snazzy with my classy lunch so I used a pretty bowl.


And I way spiced it up; it addition to jalopeno sausages I added red pepper flakes and Chipotle Tabasco, look  at that spice!


I kept the hot party in my mouth to a dull roar by drinking milk on the side.


It’s pink because I used my last CIB (sugar free strawberry) packet it it, who-woo I can finally open my fun package 🙂

After that husband and I went up to the city for my doctor’s appointment.  After a long waiting room visit and a quick office visit we took a long walk around Times Square.  The thing I’m most sad about with the move will be walking away from how much we get to walk here in nyc.

I have a very low-key evening planned but it does include making dinner, I’ll be back with that lata!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Okay, I don’t know if I can properly express my love for Mac and Cheese. To say I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy would be an understatement. I LOVE Mac and Cheese. In fact, it’s pretty much my mission to make the world’s best all natural, unprocessed version of it. When I do, my life will be complete! 😉

    • prettyladycmu – I am a pretty big mac (although not Big Mac) fan too! FYI, supposedly Delicatessen on Prince St (delicatessennyc.com) has a mac and cheese bar.

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