Pumpkin Beer Mini Round Up

Let’s be real – this post isn’t for you guys, it’s for me.  I needed a list of pumpkin beers to reference when I freak out next season because the first squashy brew has hit the shelves.  Posting to the blog means that my personalized list will be readily pulled up on my cell phone.  I promise the next post will be for you!  Please do make recommendations in the comments though.

love it – must buy again

ACE, Pumpkin Hard Cider  {#3}


Blue Moon, Cinnamon Horchata Ale (no, there’s no pumpkin, but this ale deserves a mention)


Great South Bay, Splashing Pumpkin (pumpkin ale)


Harpoon, Pumpkin Cider


Harpoon, UFO Pumpkin

Ithaca Beer Co, Country Pumpkin (pumpkin ale)


Rogue Farms, Pumpkin Patch Ale  {#1}


Southern Tier, Warlock (imperial pumpkin stout)  {#2}


like it – could take it or leave it

Elysian Punkuccino (coffee pumpkin ale)


Naked Flock, Pumpkin Cider

DSC03062Port Jeff, Boo Brew

hate it – do not buy again

Captain Lawrence, Pumpkin Ale


Flying Dog, The Fear (imperial pumpkin ale)


Magic Hat, Wilhelm Scream

What are your favorite pumpkin beers?

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