Loves Of Late

{1}  Chips with cheese.  Adam and I are having a problematic obsession.  We have been eating this “dish” at least once a week for the past month, and probably would eat it every single day if we thought we could get away with it.  And I can’t even call them nachos, just chips with cheese, because we literally just throw the two aforementioned items together in the oven.  Toppings would distract from the chips and cheese.

{2}  Another problem.  You know how I think that diet soda and coffee are the two best tasting things on the planet?


I’ve discovered how extra amazing they are when you drink them side by side.

{3} Fall TV!  So excited that the shows are back.  Castle and Bones are both kind of driving me crazy with the long-running conspiracy dramas, but the Chicagos (Fire and PD) are killing it.

{4} Girls with Slingshots.  Have you started reading this cartoon soap opera yet?

girls with slingshots

It has the perfect balance of goofy to touching/serious.

{5} The Chris Pratt SNL opening episode.  No, this can not fit under “Fall TV,” because Chris Pratt is basically a god so he deserves his own category.  All of his sketches were pretty spot on but the one I’ve linked below is my favorite.  Aidy Briant is also my favorite.

What do you think of the current SNL cast?

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