Brain Overload

Holy frick, guys, this weekend.  It was not the weekend that I was hoping for.  What I needed was to cram for today’s exam (<– the exam so hard my teacher warned us all that we should probably quit our jobs!).  But after a week of little-to-no sleep and several major assignments, I also needed to catch my breath.  In the end, I caught up on relaxation and sleep and hoped for the best.

Today’s exam was not “the best,” but I’m hoping that I didn’t score so poorly that I can’t make it up over the rest of the semester.  Fingers crossed.

I won’t be blogging next weekend either, since I’ll be in Philly for a professional conference.  Eeeeee!  But the rest of the week I’ll be posting on a normal schedule.  Monday through Thursday, here I come.

In the meantime, here are some nutrition-related articles I though y’all might enjoy –

Study shows that physical activity programs are not getting kids moving:

Five things to know about pediatric supplements:

Is it possible to improve self-control with practice?:

Are celebrity health endorsements a good thing?  (I say no!):,0,2744476.story

Gluten-free diets are not for weight loss:

Tips for discussing weight with children:

The bacon shortage is unavoidable:,0,5901787.story

Teenagers who cut back on sugary drinks slow weight gain:

HFCS is misunderstood:

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