Window Shopping Wednesday

I am not much of a shopper, much to my mother’s chagrin. The woman can spend days at the mall, while I start to feel itchy after just a few hours. It’s not that I’m not materialistic, I totally am, it’s just that the thought of adding more stuff to my life makes it hard to breathe. But I like the idea of things. So I’m an avid window shopper. I browse catalogs I’ll never buy from and hold my breathe when I pass the window at J.Crew. So while I’m stuck at school on Wednesdays, I thought we could have some fun via blog. Let’s window shop!

Here are the foods that are making my mouth water this week –

1. DRY Lavender Soda

I always complain – about sodas, teas, lemonades, etc – about the dearth of “low sugar” options.  As in not full of sugar, or especially not full of HFCS, and not fake sugar.  I am forever on the lookout for a product that uses just a little sugar.  Enter DRY Sodas.  The funky flavors are sweetened lightly with cane sugar and each bottle has 40 – 70 calories.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I’d pine for lavender soda with any type of sugar.  Vanilla Bean sounds pretty swoon-worthy too!

2.  Hint Fizz in Watermelon

Another beverage.  I’ve always been intrigued by Hint Water but I have a hard time getting excited about drinks that aren’t fizzy.  This new line is still free of calories and artificial sweeteners, but now it’s fizzy!  Watermelon sounds perfect for summer, especially if you managed to use it in a mojito.

3.  Zico Latte Coconut Water

And yet another!  I’m basically obsessed with the Chocolate Zico and I know that a coffee version would rock my world.  This new product seems to not be available in most locations yet but the reviews I read online were all positive.  From BEVNET – “The product, a blend of coconut water from concentrate, sugar, coconut cream, coffee and vanilla, weighs in at 120 calories and has 85 mg of caffeine.”

4.  Belgian Chocolate S’mores Ciao Bella Gelato

I don’t have much to say about this one because it’s obvious.  S’mores and gelato?  Gonna be good.  Ciao Bella’s Key Lime Pie Gelato is in my top ten favorites for frozen desserts so I trust them to do s’mores right.

5.  A Several Caramel and Marshmallow Crispycakes from The Crispery

First things first – The Crispery is a little business that specializes in crisp rice marshmallow treats.  Awesome name, awesome concept, awesome thing to specialize in.  They have a huge variety of crispy cakes, including several crispycake sandwiches.  Basically this is a sandwich of crispycake bread and caramel and marshmallow fluff filling.  Best idea ever?

Have you tried any new food products this summer that have rocked your world?

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