Time To Get Merry

So Wednesday and Thursday I had a slew of exams, and now I’m free until next semester!  They weren’t the best couple of days, but why focus on the bad when there is so much to be excited for this month?

  • December 17 – we’re hosting a holiday party
  • December 18th – I fly home (St. Thomas) to visit my family for 10 days
  • December 23rd – my family is hosting a Hanukkah party
  • December 25th – Christmas
  • December 28th – Adam and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary
  • December 31st – we finish 2011!

I have a bunch of to-do’s to tackle before the party this morning and my camera is currently plugged in.  But I’ll be back to blogging this evening with some merry eats I’ve got planned.

2 thoughts on “Time To Get Merry

  1. I was just creeping on your archives, and I saw that you want a hedgehog! I don’t think they’re illegal in NYS- I have one, and I got her from a breeder in Rochester, so it’s not like I snuck her past customs. They’re nice pets for a dorm because they’re hypoallergenic.

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