The Newest Thing

Remember cake balls?

Of course you do, everyone and their mother made them.

Forget about those.  Cake balls are tired.  These are the newest thing –

Cookie balls.

When I made funfetti sugar cookies for Adam to bring people as a thank you gift last week, I was under the impression that Adam ate sugar cookies.  Apparently not.  I don’t either, so it appeared that the other half of that 48-cookie batch was going to waste.  Apparently not.

Cookie balls

  • 15 sugar cookies (preferably ones with sprinkles)
  • 1/3 cup vanilla frosting
  1. Use a food processor to pulse cookies into large crumbs.  The mixture doesn’t have to be perfectly homogenous, but should resemble rough sand.
  2. Pour cookie crumbs into a bowl and use your hands to combine with frosting.  Roll into balls and freeze.

I was going to dip these in chocolate originally, but they were just so darn good I couldn’t stand to mess with them!  They taste like creamier sugar cookies and take on the crumbly texture of pecan sandies.

You’re welcome.

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