Quick and Dirty

I’m back!  Well, sort of; I’ve got a final exam and an important presentation tomorrow but then I will officially be done with this year of school.  Done with the relentless bad mood.  Done with the only time for once-a-day recaps.  Done with the boring, detail-free posts.  But I’ve got to do one last quick and dirty post tonight.  <– not that I’m working on my presentation yet, it’s just that this is cutting into my “Chicago Code”

As predicted this morning started off with a workout.  I hit up the gym with my notecards for some cramming and cross-training.  I walked (at varying inclines) on the treadmill for 1 hour and 3.5 miles.  Followed by strength/stretching.

Also as predicted, coffee.

A big splash of Silk Vanilla Almond Milk and 16oz of the good stuff.  Buffalo natives – if you are near a Wilson Farms do yourself a favor and buy a cup of the ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’ coffee.  With hints of coconut it is so good, almost sweet!

I did not predict that I would manage to pull together such a cute outfit on this busy day.

The spring wardrobe is sooo much easier than winterwear!

I munched on a yogurt honey peanut Balance Bar on my walk to school.

And then it was down to business.  We had a final exam and a comprehensive exam (covering two courses) today so I met a group of friends for a serious 5-hour cram session.  I’m honesty not sure how I did on the exams – it’s like my mind was Men In Black-style blanked the minute I put down my pencil – but lunch was a winner.

Dinner was another leftover serving of Buffalo Wing Pasta, which gets better and better as it sits.

Plus two mini bags of popcorn with Smart Balance Light. [insert picture here]  <– or just pretend that you know what a bowl of popcorn looks like

I’m definitely going to eat popcorn every day until the box is gone, and it’s running out quickly.  Just like I’m running out quickly on this post… ba-dum-ching!

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