Study Emergen-C

After two days in a row with less than enough sleep (certainly not because I got up at 6:30 to watch the “Covert Affairs” finale today!) I knew today was the perfect time to try the parfait recipe that came in the latest Emergen-C newsletter.

I didn’t layer, I don’t like to conform.

I also switched up the recipe a bit.  My version had Stoneyfild Low Fat French Vanilla Yogurt, an Acai Berry Emergen-C packet, cinnamon, some chopped plum, and a 1/2cup of gingerbread granola.

Honestly, this wasn’t very good 😦  The taste was way too fizzy, not something I’m looking for in my yogurt.

I’m heading to campus now and my anatomy quiz is at 9.  Once that blood bath is wrapped up – literally, because I think after the failing we are going back to our cats – I have a short break for lunch, Food Prep Lab, a club meeting, and then I finally get to go to the gym.

May your day be filled with love.

Any tricks up your sleeve that keep you from getting sick?

7 thoughts on “Study Emergen-C

  1. I don’t know if I have any tricks other than the standards: eat your spinach, exercise moderately, wash your hands and get some sleep. I do know that I rarely get sick, even when the rest of the world is dropping like flies around me. It may be the fruits, or it may be the treadmill. In any case, I think I should keep doing it all!

  2. woah i never thought to do that! pretty clever. i loved your home improvement post. and i am now on the lookout for gingerbread granola. yes, i just read 9 posts.. hey are you going to foodbuzz again?

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