Never-ending Vacation

I’m still in St. Thomas!  Woo hoo?

Luckily/unluckily my vacation was extended by a few days.  My Sunday night flight was aborted (in the middle of take-off, horrifyingly!) and JetBlue couldn’t get me another flight out until Tuesday.

I have to actually go back to work on Wednesday so pretty please cross your fingers for me that I make it home tomorrow.

My six day turned eight day trip has been quite fun.  Per usual, I’ve eaten some reeeeally good food, including smoked mahi dip at a bbq spot, homemade key lime pie, and a banana daiquiri with a view.

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Plus I went to food fair and got johnny cake with cheese and fraco (shaved ice) with tamarind, soursop, and condensed milk!

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Carnival festivities –

Carnival 2018.

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Now it’s back to reality tomorrow.

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