Quick post.  I worked this weekend and honestly it kind of sucked.

Three things from this weekend that I don’t want to complain about –

{1}  Coffee.



Coffee, coffee!


{2}  Pizza.

This was crappy cafeteria veggie pizza but I stilled loved it.


{3}  Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I’m not saying I’ve been ignoring my bursting to-do list to rewatch a sitcom from the ’90’s for the 3rd time, but actually that’s exactly what I’m saying.

It’s just so good!  Really funny and packed with puns.  Harvey Kinkle makes my list of most amazing television partners (see also: Booth from Bones and Ben from Parks and Rec) and Sabrina Spellman is such a crazy good role model that I’m pretty sure STW is going to be required watching if I ever have children.

P.S.  If you can tell me what the title refers to you’ll be my new best friend!

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