Insta-Wrap-Up; VII

Some of what I’ve been up to on the internet when I’m not blogging your ear off here…

When my parents were here we had drinks with two of my friends from high school (my mom was our librarian) and had a fabulous time reminiscing.


My red, white, and blue for July 3rd.  The 4th got even more ridiculous.

red, white, and blue

The gorgeous view at the Mets game last Saturday.

ny metsny mets2

I did not like this Ingrid Michaelson CD anywhere near as much as I did Everybody.  “Snowfall,” from another album, is actually my favorite song of hers.  I embedded the video at the end of this post.

ingrid michaelson

This rather eclectic mix of music my father sent me is perfection though.  “Changing” by Airborne Toxic Event is currently my favorite song.

music mix

This Whisper confession is currently my favorite thing on the internet.

who doesn't want buffy

Jelly beans are currently my favorite work snack.  Arranged from least to most exciting, obviously.

jelly belly

I’m reading “Hungry,” Darlene Barnes’ memoir about her experience cooking for a frat house.  It’s wonderful, a good mix of funny and touching.  This excerpt – a letter her father sent her during her time at college – made me cry on the train.

an excerpt from Hungry

I always have to end these posts with my man men.


It’s a little off-season, but please do listen to “Snowfall.”  It is gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Insta-Wrap-Up; VII

  1. I love The Airborne Toxic Event!

    “Sometime Around Midnight” got me through a rough breakup. They put on a great show too.

    • Yeah, I’ve only heard this one song but I can tell that they would be amazing live! I will have to listen to some more of their stuff.

      On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 3:15 PM, Eating Chalk wrote:


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