Insta-Wrap-Up; IV

I’m overdue; it’s been more than a month since my last instagram share.  Per usual, this post will feature a lot of dog.

sticky notes from the dollar section of Target {things I like}

sticky padsparkly socks – so warm! – from American Eagle {things I like}

sparkly socks2sparkly socksa puny birthday gift that was perfect for Adam {things I love}

humorous punmore humor, via Cafe Dada in Park Slope {things I like}

cafe dada humorcold weather gear {things I hate}

snow bootssweater vestWebster {things I love}

holiday dachshunddachshund in beddachshund butt in my lapdachshund loveWhat is the breakdown of your instagram shots?  I’d say I’m 50% dog love, 40% food, and 10% everything else.

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