1. Buffalo has been ranked one of the worst US cities for allergies this year and I feel flipping terrible.  I have sore eyes, a runny nose, and a cough that won’t quit.  I’ve always had bad pollen and dust allergies but this is the first year ever I’ve actually taken medication for them.  The pollen kicked up two weeks ago and I have been miserable ever since.


2. School ends next week which means that all 4 (giant, gigantic, ridiculous) of my final projects are due on Monday.  I have a group presentation, a professional portfolio, a full business plan, and a community education plan.  Even if I wasn’t feeling sick, my head would be spinning.


3. I’m freaking out about getting a job once we move.  I really like my new profession and I am crossing my fingers that a hospital job will open up in time for me to snag it.  The last time I was in school I had a job lined up before I graduated so the current situation is really stressing me out.


What do you want to complain about today?  Go ahead, this is a safe space.

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