Holidaze Hello

Hello, hello.  Do you like my days =/= daze pun?

I know I fell off the earth for a few days there, sorry, mom!

Recently Adam was out-of-town for 15 days straight.  Did I keep that under my hat, or was it blogvious?  <– that’s obvious on the blog

He was gone a really long time, and I didn’t want to broadcast that all over the internet.

Then he was home for a few days and I wanted to spend every moment I could with him.

And then he was gone again for a few days, this time to hike alone in Yosemite and sleep in a stupid tent, and I spent two days straight eating nonstop and Googling bear attack statistics.

Here is a tiny snippet of what’s gone down since I last blogged –






I haven’t done the best job of taking pictures lately, what with all the working, stressing, and stress-eating.  Whoops.

But I am officially tired of eating jalopeño poppers for dinner.

And I only have one week left of crazy work shifts.

And if I expect to blog when I rejoin the full-time workers with my internship at the end of January I’m going to need some practice.

Basically, plan on seeing me again!

P.S. I know it’s lame, but I thought “blogvious” was pretty clever so expect to see that again too.

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