A Cook Book Giveaway

It’s the day before Thanksgiving.

<– did that sentence make anyone start to sweat?

It’s too late for me to help you with this holiday, but I’ve got a giveaway that might make you feel better the rest of the year.

Holiday Slow Cooker; Delicious Recipes for a Year of Hassle-Free Celebrations

When I got an e-mail asking if I’d like to try a copy of this cookbook (holidays? crock pot recipes? easy? yep, that sounds like me!) I made sure to ask if I could get a copy for you guys too.  Hopefully this will make one of your Christmas dinner plans a little less sweaty!

The recipes are all clearly worded and simple to execute,

and I liked that many of them were accompanied by a picture.

Some of the things I swooned over? Liberty Brownie Squares for New Years Day, Lobster Bisque and Rocky Road Pudding Cake for Valentine’s Day, and Beer Baked Beans for Father’s Day.  Yum!

I’m giving away 1 copy of this book to a reader picked at random from the comments.  Comment entries close at noon on Friday, November 23rd.  All you have to do to enter is answer this question –

Have you ever hosted Thanksgiving Dinner?

19 thoughts on “A Cook Book Giveaway

  1. Oh, I LOVE holidays and crock pots! I am across the country from my family, so I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for all of my friends. I actually made the sweet potatoes in the slow cooker, and I kind of wished that I had more slow cookers because it made cooking so easy!

  2. Yes! That Thanksgiving our beloved beagle was hit by a car and my family drove him an hour away to the closest emergency vet hospital while I cooked dinner. Miraculously my dog survived AND the dinner was fantastic!!! I’m so thankful we had many more Thanksgivings with Tomba after that!

  3. Kind of. I don’t cook for my family or friends, but I work in a residential home and last year (and tomorrow) my coworker and I cook for ourselves and our 10 or so little clients. The kids love to help and thankfully they are forgiving of my subpar cooking skills.

  4. Yes! And the day prior to dinner we had to switch ovens with our non-cooking neighbor because we discovered our oven wasn’t working : 0
    I love crockpot meals! Great giveaway!

  5. Yes, every year since I got married – 1981. Holy crap I’m old! We’ve had as many as 25, this year just 3. So many of the older family members are gone now, kids are married and moved away and most couldn’t make it back home. But we’ll all be together for Christmas 😀
    Have a great Thanksgiving Emily! I am thankful for your funny, interesting blog

  6. I haven’t yet, but when I do I want to keep it low-stress! That was the one thing I really dis-liked about Thanksgivings, my mom stressing over dinner. Though I must say, her food was/is excellent! =)

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