A Few Of His Favorite Things

Hello again, dog.

If Webster had to compile a list of his favorite foods I think it would look something like this:

  1. coffee  (he is obsessed and begs like crazy whenever he smells that Adam or I have a cup)
  2. chicken  (we pronounce it chick-ON chick-ON in this house)
  3. peanut butter
  4. apple slices
  5. cheese

Since Webster is my favorite little dog, I make his treats from scratch.  For this round of pupsicles I managed to squeeze in most of his favorites –

Apple Cheddar Peanut Butter Pupsicles; yields 20 frozen treats

  • 4 oz sharp cheddar
  • 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt
  • 1 cup unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  1. Cut the cheese into fourths and use a food processor to crumble it.  (You can probably make these in the blender, just shred your cheese first.)
  2. Add yogurt, applesauce, and peanut butter to the bowl and process until well-combined.
  3. Spoon the mixture into clean ice-cube trays and freeze until solid.

What are your dogs’ favorite foods?

2 thoughts on “A Few Of His Favorite Things

  1. I love this idea! We just got a new puppy and she loves ice cubes! She’ll pounce on one and it will go flying across the room for her to chase… one of her new favorite games. So I’m sure she’d love this but I’m worried she’ll get melted yogurt/pb/cheese all over the floor (probably worth the clean-up anyhow). Did your dog make a mess eating this?

    • Webster scarfs them pretty fast! The cubes don’t melt quite as quickly as ice so even if your dog isn’t a ravenous beast I don’t think these would make too much of a mess. If you try them let me know what she thinks! 🙂

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