Fail Tally

Today – I’ve got my first Foodservice Management test tonight and I am not ready.

This Week – Workouts.  I decided to take a week’s hiatus from CT10k because of some mild knee pain (the knee is no big deal but at one week in I wasn’t going to lose any fitness so better safe than sorry).  But that wasn’t supposed to mean no gym time at all, just elliptisizing instead of running.

This Month – Vegan Month.  Which apparently should have been named No Carb Left Behind.

This Year – Organization.  The apartment is a mess.  My binder project is spread over every table-like surface.  And what’s more, I feel like a mess.  And I haven’t blogged consistently since Christmas break, yeesh!

Since you’ll be getting nothing of import from me today, I suggest checking out these much funnier fails –


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