Give to Get

My two-day blog hiatus was sooo necessary.  To recap – I got in bed after 1am every day of my parents’ visit.  I gave myself Thursday to recuperate.  I discovered that I’m allergic to Hershey’s chocolate syrup and spent Thursday throwing up.  I spent Friday actually recuperating, ie watching “Charmed” in bed all day.

Needless to say, I still wasn’t quite 100% this morning.  But sometimes you have to give energy to get energy.  If I desperately need to perk myself up I know the best place to head is the gym; I figured that concept would apply to hot (90*) yoga as well.  It did!  I’m still not at my best, but I felt better leaving the class than I did walking in.

Speaking of giving and getting, Adam attended yoga with me this morning as my birthday gift (I turn 26 tomorrow).

Seriously one of the best gifts he’s ever given me!  We stopped at Starbucks on the way for water and a few jelly beans to get our glucose going.

Then we slammed through 60 minutes of yoga.  I was so proud of Adam, he did such a good job!  If I was the competitive type I’d note that he actually did better than me, but that’s sort of not the point of yoga.  In my competition against myself, I started every pose and made it to the end of class feeling great.

We have some fun on the agenda today, including a birthday party for one of my friends.  My t-shirt is actually a hint, any guesses???

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