DIY Holiday Gift Idea

Every year for Christmas I make all my in-laws chocolate and white chocolate dipped pretzels.  They are affordable, festive looking, and most importantly tasty.  Packed in a Tupperware (with parchment paper crumpled on top so they don’t shake around) they are a cinch to mail to loved ones who don’t live nearby.

Here are the ingredients, along with some tips –

Small twist pretzels:

I use twists because I think they look cuter, but this idea works well with any shape.  I always buy a ton more pretzels than I plan on using in case the bag has a lot of broken ones.  Unless you are making them specifically with someone on a low-sodium  diet in mind, do not buy salt-free; the salt-sweet balance is what makes them so wonderful.

Chocolate and white chocolate chips:

I use chocolate/white chocolate because I think they provide the nicest contrast with the sprinkles, but I bet peanut butter chips would be delicious too.

Holiday Sprinkles –

I would not suggest anything too bulky – i.e. shaped like snowflakes or santa’s hats – because they will clump up.


This year we are giving each family 1 red container of white dipped and 1 green container of chocolate dipped.  If you have plain Tupperware you’d like to use just include some holiday tissue paper down inside the containers.

The procedure is relatively simple.  1.  Melt the chips using the microwave or a double-boiler.  For the white chocolate I recommend a double boiler because it’s more temperamental.  2. Dip the pretzels into the smooth chocolate; if using twists only dip in half of each pretzel.  3. Sprinkle on decoration while chocolate is still wet.  4.  Allow to dry completely before packaging.

My recommendations –

  1. Use foiled baking sheets to lay the pretzels out on.
  2. Pour the sprinkles into a small pinch bowl, they are easier to sprinkle with your fingers than from the bottle.
  3. Use the fridge to speed up cooling time.
  4. Save some for yourself, they are delicious!

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