Won’t You Be My Valentine? ♥


Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and Valentine’s Days!  Clearly President’s Day is the real MVP of this month though, love a three day weekend*!  *technically a one day weekend, I worked Saturday and Sunday, but you get the idea, and now I have a three day week, which is even cooler than a three day weekend.

Here are the bites highlights from the weekend…

TJ’s Hibiscus Tripel.  A new favorite beer.


Enjoyed during a super romantic Valentine’s dinner of Chipotle.

Thai-style nachos.


Sriracha waffle chips / roasted broccoli / chopped yellow bell pepper / shredded chicken breast tossed with red curry, gochujang, and spices / and tons of cheese.

Doughnut Plant Valentine line.


Honey glazed with bee pollen.

Yogurt bowl for work breakfast.  Fig and lemon yogurt, blueberries, and chia seeds and toasted walnuts.



How great is it that I had a heart-emblazoned coffee mug to stay on theme??

Rainbow bagel.


With strawberry cream cheese.

Have a great week!

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