Yesterday I was two things – hungry and tired.  So I ate a bunch of food and then passed out face-down, fully dressed, in the middle of the unmade bed.  The husband was unimpressed.

The dog was tired too.

Early in the afternoon I made myself a little snack plate.

3 oz of bread and butter pickles with a serving of pretzels and tons of yellow mustard.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I took Webster out for a walk.  Halfway home my wallet was glad the dog was there or I totally would have bought food out.  Instead I made myself a sandwich thin with Smart Balance Light and ~1.5 oz of sharp cheddar when I got home.

Dinner was another cheese sandwich, but this one was fancy.

I put hot & sweet mustard, thin sliced turkey, and Brie on rye bread.

This would have been better as a panini but Adam wasn’t home to get down the press for me.

With roasted green beans on the side.

It was a good meal but not as filling as I would have liked.

I attempted to make s’mores for dessert but I walked away from the oven for too long and ended up with burnt soup.  I salvaged what I could in a bowl of s’mores.

And when the husband got home he served me a plate of mango.

Then five minutes later I was asleep.

When I got up this morning I made another effort to get rid of that damn milk.

2 cups of skim milk with 1 scoop of chocolate protein power, all shook up.  I’ll need something else too but it was a good breakfast start.

And I’m off!

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