A Victory Lap

I’m free, I’m free; now I’m really free!  I’m finally done with school for the year and it feels go-oood!  I’m sure I scared some of my more studious readers this morning, but I did save myself enough time to get my presentation perfectly prepped.

I had a final exam at 10am so I didn’t leave myself time for breakfast, but I did grab a coffee with skim milk when I got to school.

There were lots of happy-go-lucky feelings when we finished our final; I was the only one in my group of friends who still had to present so they were officially finished with school at noon.  Our friend Rachel brought in goodies and we had a little mini celebration.

Peanut butter chocolate no-bakes,

and sangria!

I had a packed lunch from home too, a final serving of Buffalo Wing Baked Pasta,

and an applesauce GoGo Squeeze.

Then, lisp-inducing retainers far far away from my mouth, I headed off to my final presentation of the semester.  I won’t actually get my grade until the next school year, but I think it went really well.  I was composed, I got in all the important points, I know my PowerPoint was perfect (I met with my teacher a few weeks ago to perfect it)… My voice was definitely shaking, but you can’t win ’em all!

When the clock hit 3:30 and we realized the year was officially done there was some serious excitement.  After a quick trip back home I went with a group of friends to immediately sell back our textbooks.  Why wait, ya know?  While we were out and about we took advantage of the Starbucks half-off frappuccino happy hour.

I ordered a tall coffee coconut frappuccino.

Pretty darn good.  Celebratory even.

We had some trouble getting motivated when I got home, but some pretzels and hummus helped to fuel us up.

I ate about a serving of each.

Around 7:30 Adam and I finally headed out for a victory lap.  We went down to the path at Delaware Park for two 1.75 mile laps.  I ran my clock the entire time (even during a few walking breaks) and in total I did 3.5 miles in 34:50.  We drove home and then took a long stroll around Elmwood.

My knee feels funny again but I’m crossing my fingers and icing.

I was stuck on the kitchen floor for 30minutes so I directed Adam through dinner from there.  I had him bring me the Sharpies too so I could make the birthday card for our niece.

By the time my masterpiece was complete, so was dinner.

We roasted up some white asparagus.

It was meh, a little watery and bitter, nothing like its green cousin.

Plus some Trader Joe’s orange-style chicken,

which was fabulous.  I wish we lived in a real city where I had the option of picking up more of this!

Now I’d like to stay up late on a night when it’s not a terrible idea 😀

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