Insta-Wrap-Up; VI

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  Whether you celebrate or not, the start of spring is always a nice time for family fun and lots of chocolate.  Our nieces were so adorable hunting for eggs.  Most of the family decorated some of the hard-boiled variety – versus the candy filled plastic kind – as well.  Check out this great egg Adam made -

easter egg

Other Virginia fun included a quick trip to the farm just down the road from Adam’s parent’s house.  We got to pet the goats!

virginia horsesvirgina goats

Here is some of what you missed on the food front during my skipped weekend post…

This egg really did taste like a slice of mushed-up cake.

birthday cake egg

The strawberry diet coke at Sonic still rocks my face off.  After I finished my drink, I poured a new can of soda over the leftover berries and ice and was thrilled all over again.


The husband and I tried the vanilla date shake frozen yogurt at Yogurtland and we very impressed with it.  There was just enough creaminess to back up the date flavor.


Heading back further in time…

How awesome is this Buffalo street art?  All of the traffic light boxes along Elmwood were painted.

elmwood ave buffalo

This good advice comes courtesy of Ashker’s Juice Bar.

ashkers buffalo

Here are Webster and I on one of our first warm day walks.


And here is the evidence I’m compiling for my potential divorce proceedings.  You’ve got to take grammar/spelling/syntax issues seriously!


Finally, back up to present… Spring has sprung!


Is the weather getting nice where you live?

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Weekly Wrap-Up; Have A Hoppy Easter

Who else has been hitting the chocolate eggs this week?  Easter candy abounds!  We are spending the holiday with my in-laws – all three of our nieces! – so I’m going radio-silent on the blog front this weekend to focus on family time.  I’m planning on skipping my weekend post, I’m not even packing a camera, and I’ll be back with a weekly wrap-up next Friday.


Iced Americano with chocolate milk.

DSC09314I tried the cafeteria breakfast.

DSC09341Scrambled eggs with turkey and veggie sausage.  The coffee cup held wonderful Cisse milk chocolate vanilla bean hot chocolate.



DSC09251Quaker Honey and Almonds with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.

DSC09255And an apple.

DSC09258Plus I snagged this delicious, thick!, strawberry lemonade from the cafeteria.

DSC09312Egg salad.

DSC09291We made awesome egg salad for lunches this week; medium-boiled eggs, finely chopped celery and green and red pepper, miracle whip, pickle relish, mustard, and dill.  Packed in a whole wheat pocket thin.

DSC09294Plus wasabi seaweed and grapes.

DSC09297The next day was chicken salad.  A whole wheat bagel thin with chicken salad, fontina cheese, and pickled jalopeños.

DSC09332Plus an apple to take away some of the heat.  Peppers were the perfect addition to that sandwich.

DSC09327I packed cookies, but I put them aside for a treat my coworker brought it, an Easter bun with cheese.


Easter candy, duh.

DSC09363Juicy bears.

DSC09309Cafe Dada iced coffee that the husband sweetly delivered when he picked me up from work one day.


DSC09347Cereal bowl.

DSC09282This was a sample of Graham Crunch from Cascadian Farm with vanilla almond milk.

DSC09278DSC09280Very tasty.  This stuff is just begging to be made into cereal s’mores bars.

I made my new favorite milkshake for Adam and myself.

DSC09334Coffee frozen Greek yogurt with chocolate milk and toasted coconut.

Bubble teas from Kung Fu Tea.  Coffee milk tea for me.


Dinner at a diner.

DSC09265I got an eggplant parm panini.

DSC09266It was yummy but ridiculously filling.

DSC09270And then we had pie!

DSC09272Cream pie!  My slice was banana cream.

DSC09274It was flipping fantastic.

Chicken salad.

DSC09300Big piles of Nana’s chicken salad.

DSC09306With roasted green beans.

DSC09304On Wednesday we went to Williamsburg for dinner with a girlfriend.  She took us to Snacky.

DSC09321DSC09318It was fantabulous.  The space was adorable and the menu was all my favorite things.  Adam and I split a salad with seaweed and sesame dressing.

DSC09322And I got a rice bowl with spicy bbq miso chicken, plus kimchi and a fried egg.

DSC09326I swooned my way through that bowl.  It was perfect, exactly my favorite meal.

And we made similar(ish) bowls for dinner at home the next day.

DSC09358A hash of chopped sweet potato, browned mushrooms, sliced spinach, green onions, and smoked trout with rosemary and smoked paprika.  Topped with a fried egg.

DSC09361Put an egg on it!

Have a great weekend!

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Our Weekend Trip To Buffalo

We moved from Buffalo to Long Island almost 10 months ago now and we felt overdue for a visit!  Adam is on Spring Break this week so I took a personal day on Friday and we made the 8 hour drive back “home.”

It was a great weekend.  I’m still pretty sick so we kept things low-key and it ended up being a wonderfully relaxing trip.  And we still had time to cross off all of the must-do’s on our list.  We ate all of the food we were missing, walked down Elmwood, visited my old job to get all nostalgic and purchase some terrific toys, attended a baby shower for two dear friends, went out drinking with the whole crowd, and took a long walk around the park to look at the buffalo.


Here were the food highlights…

Bubble tea from Gin Gin.


I got vanilla-almond milk tea with tapioca and popping boba.


Thai Orchid for the best Thai food ever.


My tofu Pad See Ew did not disappoint.  So chewy!


SPoT for breakfast.


Iced coffee and a Mike’s sandwich on an everything bagel.


Juice at Ashker’s.  A blend of kale, spinach, cucumber, and carrot.


We split a duck feast at Blue Monk.  Duck Reuben and Duck Poutine.


And on the way out-of-town Danielle took us to Aroma for a brunch that would have been a weekly tradition had we known about it while we still lived in Buffalo.


That Buffalo Bloody Mary had gorgonzola and Frank’s in it!  And my salad came topped with artichoke hearts, calamata olives, fried leeks, tomatoes, shaved parmigiano-reggiano, balsamic vinaigrette and a poached Oles Farm free-range egg.


It was a fantastic, delicious visit.

The long car rides weren’t even that bad – honestly they were sort of fabulous – thanks to the audiobook I was sent to review.  Doing Harm by Kelly Parsons is an exciting debut novel about medicine and moral dilemmas in which a surgeon must confront, outwit, and overcome deadly threats to his patients and himself.  The audiobook is voiced by Robert Petkoff, who has voiced countless thrillers, including those of Michael Palmer.


This was our first time listening to an audiobook and I think we are officially hooked.  It made the time fly by.  Time for a book review…

cons -

  1. Some of the medical terms were mispronounced – fascia, parenteral nutrition, rhabdomyolysis - and it was distracting.
  2. The author was weirdly obsessed with hairdos; there was only one lone character, out of every single other character both big or small, whose hair we didn’t get a description of.

pros -

  1. The story completely sucked us in, we would sit in the car for at least five additional minutes whenever we reached a destination!
  2. The experience of being a surgical resident was very accurately captured, Adam couldn’t believe how spot-on the author managed to be.
  3. Most of the medical plot was fairly accurate as well.

Overall I’d recommend reading, or listening to, Doing Harm.

Do you ever listen to audiobooks?

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Weekly Wrap-Up; All By Myself

Adam is on spring break right now so I gave him my free ticket voucher and he spent a week in St. Thomas with my parents.  They are all disgustingly in love with each other and had a fabulous time.  Meanwhile I was home alone but at least I had the dog.


Furry cuddles totally got me through.  And I definitely took advantage of meals as a single lady.


Fruit and yogurt bowl.


A strawberry Fage topped with fresh pineapple and cara cara orange.

A lackluster morning.


A bottle of iced coffee that I thought tasted artificial and threw out halfway through.


And a NuGo bar that was nowhere near as tasty as their salted pretzel variety.




Coffee greek yogurt with frozen blackberries, toasted coconut, and chocolate milk.  <– Fantabulous

Smoothie 2 was frozen mango, blackberries, and spinach with coconut water.


Have you tried the ice cream coffees from Dunkin?  This was butter pecan.


I tried the cookie dough last weekend too and it was legit amazing.


Salad day.


Arugula with carrots, pea shoots, honey roasted almonds, buckwheat groats, blue cheese, dried blueberries, and vinaigrette.


Plus a cara cara orange and tamarind balls from home.


My coworkers are mostly all from the Caribbean as well and they were thrilled that I shared my tamarind shipment.

Oatmeal and apples.


Cherry Pistachio from Quaker.


And Cherry Vanilla from Big Slice.


This was the first flavor of these kettle cooked apples that I didn’t like.

Sandwich spread.


An everything bagel thin with strawberry jam, sharp cheddar, smoked turkey, and banana peppers.


Plus spicy peanut cucumber salad.


And raspberry candies and the last orange.



Paper bag popcorn.


Prune chocolates my Russian coworker shared.


I ate this entire bag of Inner Peas in one sitting.


It was pathetic but also delicious.

I topped with cool tub of fig yogurt with white chocolate chips and toasted coconut.


Cookie mugs rocked my face of this week.


I use this recipe, but swap the ratio of white to brown sugar.


Do ittttttt.


Salad night.


I had a TJ’s pretzel bread in the car as an appetizer.


Then topped a giant bowl of arugula and pea shoots with medium-boiled eggs, blue cheese, turkey bacon, shredded carrot, yogurt blue cheese dressing, and truffle salt.


And now medium-boiled eggs are my new favorite thing.

A combination of nibbles.  Pretzels straight from the bag.


A granny smith dipped in peanut butter and lavender caramel.


And baby carrots with red pepper hummus.


Green eggs and ham.


Eggs scrambled with okra, arugula, and swiss cheese.


Soup’s up.


This poblano and corn chowder was delicious.


And now we’re off to do fun spring break stuff!

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Vote For Me?

If you thought that my Pink Grapefruit Spritzer sounded sweet, then please head on over to Cascade Ice’s Facebook page and vote for me.


Or feel free to tell me in the comments that I’m a hack and I add sweetened condensed milk to entirely too many things.  It’s up to you!

P.S. It’s impossible to add SCM to too many things; it’s the nectar of the Gods!

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{Life In Lists} My Favorite…

Writing Sunday’s post ranking my top-five tastes from the previous week put me in a list-making mood.  Seriously though, when am I ever not in a list-making mood?!

For funsies, I thought I’d list my top-five favorites in some general categories.  The lists themselves are not in sequential order.  I forced myself to work off of the top of my head and then step away because I knew otherwise I’d drive myself crazy.  Limiting myself to five things was really tricky, even without additional time.

favorite movies

  1. “Crazy/Beautiful”  <– I saw this more than once while it was in theatres
  2. “Friends with Benefits”  <– this one too
  3. “High Strung”
  4. “Super Troopers”
  5. “Euro Trip”

favorite songs*

*not necessarily my favorites, but definitely the songs I’ve been most obsessed with over the past five years

  1. “New Slang” – The Shins
  2. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  3. “Come Around” – Rhett Miller
  4. “A Light on a Hill” – Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s
  5. “Alive with the Glory of Love” – Say Anything

favorite tv shows

  1. “Scrubs”  <– all but #4 of my favorite songs were from this soundtrack
  2. “Bones”
  3. “Parks and Recreation”
  4. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  5. “Stargate: Atlantis”

favorite memoirs

  1. Black Boy – Richard Wright
  2. Wasted – Marya Hornbacher
  3. Possible Side Effects – Augusten Burroughs
  4. Talking with My Mouth Full – Gail Simmons
  5. All But My Life – Gerda Weissmann Klein  <– if I had gone to grad school this book was going to be the cornerstone of my thesis

favorite foods

  1. iced coffee
  2. diet soda
  3. soft-cooked eggs <– sunny side up, soft boiled, and poached
  4. broad rice noodles
  5. popcorn

favorite moments*

*picking favorite moments would be impossible; Adam and I declare pretty much every weekend to be “the best weekend ever!” These are just moments that were lovely and wonderful and what they all have in common is that they were events that took my breath away with relief

  1. Marrying Adam
  2. Getting hired as a teacher in NYC before I graduated …. and then the day I told my principal I was leaving
  3. Finishing a half marathon <– this wasn’t exactly life changing but I did get my favorite tattoo in celebration of it
  4. Learning that I was accepted to the Dietetics Coordinated Program and three years later learning that I had passed the registration exam
  5. Match Day, when Adam learned that he was accepted to his first choice residency program (and also when he was awarded The Department of Surgery Chair’s Award for Academic Excellence in Surgery)


Tell me in the comments – what is your favorite food, song, tv show, memoir and/or movie?

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